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Service Interruption - January 3, 7:00am Archived

At approximately 7:00am, we had a brief service interruption.

During power maintenance in the Queen's main datacentre, a breaker was tripped, causing the loss of primary network equipment. The equipment was quickly restarted and all service should be restored.

Affected services include:

  • Campus border network

  • Campus perimeter firewall

  • Campus-based services

    • PeopleSoft

    • QShare

    • On-campus Exchange

    • MyQueen's Portal

    • Webpublish (Authoring and live sites)

    • Library QCat Service

    • Centralized Login (affects OnQ)

    • Password/Identity Management

Please contact the support centre if any further problems are noticed.

  • Publish Date: January 3, 2018 07:28
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  • IT Support Centre