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Upcoming changes to the Office 365 app launcher Archived

Over the next couple of months, users will see the following changes to the app launcher in Office 365:

1. New Office 365 app launcher experience: The updated app launcher will offer a more personalized and simpler way to open and switch between frequently used apps. Changes include a simplified apps list, access to recent documents, and improved navigation of apps and services. Other notable changes associated with the new app launcher include:
i. Renaming of the Mail tile: The name of the Mail tile will change to Outlook. People, calendar, and tasks will be accessible through the menu in the lower-left corner of the Outlook app (like the Desktop client) and/or directly from the All apps view.
ii. Removal of Pin to Top feature: “With the new app launcher's more personalized default experience as well as the low usage of the pin to top feature in the current experience”, Microsoft has removed the Pin to Top (navigation bar) capability. To help ensure that you have access to your most relevant apps, any application that was recently accessed from the Top will be pinned to the main view of the new app launcher.
The rollout of the new app launcher is in progress and expected to complete in early 2018. Microsoft has provided a Microsoft Mechanics video and a support article - New Office 365 web experiences to help you get started and simplify working with your apps and online documents to explain the new Office 365 app launcher experience, as well as the new Office 365 gallery.

2. SharePoint tile: To ease access and navigation to SharePoint Team Sites associated with Office 365 Groups, the SharePoint tile is now rolling out to the app launcher of licensed users. Details on the Office 365 Groups service offering are available on the ITS website at

3. Microsoft To-Do tile: Currently available in Preview, Microsoft To-Do is a simple cross-platform to-do list that lets you manage all your to-dos in one place. The To-Do tile will be added to the app launcher of licensed users over the next couple of months. In the meantime, licensed users can access To-Do on the web or by using the mobile app on supported devices. Details on the Microsoft To-Do service offering, including eligibility and access are available on the ITS website at

ITS will provide additional updates on changes to the Office 365 app launcher as they become available.

  • Publish Date: January 4, 2018 16:23
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