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Streaming Server Video Playback Issues Update Archived
IT Services has completed the maintenance work on the Ensemble Streaming service.
Video playback and upload services have been restored.
We will continue to monitor the performance and availability of the service.

Previous Description (October 8, 2020 17:44):

Due to the continued degradation in service, IT Services will be starting the maintenance work at 5:45pm. The outage will have the following impacts:

- As of 5:45pm services for uploading jobs or videos will not be available
- As of 9:00pm video playback will not be available.

By 9:00pm all Ensemble Streaming services will not be available and will remain unavailable for the remainder of the outage.

This notice will be updated when the system becomes available.

Previous Description (October 8, 2020 15:12):

The Ensemble Streaming service continues to experience intermittent degradation for both video uploads and playback.
IT Services is currently planning a maintenance upgrade to be performed within 2-6 hours.
Specific times and service availability will be posted shortly.

Previous Description (October 7, 2020 15:07):

Service has been restored to the Ensemble Streaming service.

After working with the vendor, IT Services has made changes that have helped stabilize the service and has now improved the playback of videos. We have implemented heightened monitoring on the systems to carefully monitor the service and continue to work with the vendor to stabilize the service.

If you continue to experience problems viewing videos that are hosted in the Ensemble Streaming service, please reach out to the IT Support Center for assistance.

Previous Description (October 6, 2020 21:04):

ITS has completed the emergency change work on the Ensemble Streaming service however there still appear to be some intermittent video playback issues. We have escalated a service issue to the vendor of the product and will work with them to stabilize services.

This notice will be updated as more information is available.

Previous Description (October 6, 2020 19:51):

The Ensemble Streaming service continues to be degraded. ITS restored the service briefly but intermittent problems remain. As a result, ITS will be performing an emergency change to try to resolve the issues. The change will take place between the hours of 7:00pm and 10:00pm tonight during which time users will be unable to upload and/or access videos.

This notice will be updated when the system becomes available again.

Previous Description (October 6, 2020 16:02):

ITS has received multiple reports of videos hosted in the Ensemble Streaming Service not loading or playing properly. This could include videos in onQ courses as well as directly from

ITS is currently investigating the issue. This notice will be updated once we have more information.