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Fileshares moving Aug 12 at 7am Update Archived
All work has been completed.

Previous Description (August 11, 2021 09:09):

On Thursday Aug 12 at 7am, ITS will be making changes that will affect access to Fileshares. While the changes are made, you may not be able to access your personal home directory or departmental fileshare. It is expected that the outage will be brief. This change is necessary to further enhance secured access and will be transparent to clients upon completion.

Access to the following groups' fileshares will be affected:

VPR Animal Care, Career Services, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Developmental Studies, Dean of Student Affairs, Enrichment Studies, Faculty of Health Sciences, University Registrar (Admissions, Awards and Records), Research Services, Philosophy, UAE, School of English and QUIC.

Should you have any issues accessing your group's fileshares after the change, please contact the ITSC at