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PeopleSoft Finance, PeopleSoft Human Resources & Finance FAST Service Maintenance Archived
On Saturday, January 22nd at 9am until the afternoon of Sunday Jan 23rd, Finance FAST, Finance PeopleSoft and Human Resources PeopleSoft production systems will undergo maintenance. This maintenance is to patch the system databases to ensure they are secure and supported.
During the maintenance, these systems will not be accessible and users will not be able to use the PeopleSoft HR self-service portal for things such as updating your personal contact information or retrieving tax forms.

An update to the notification will be posted on Sunday January December 23rd 2022, once the maintenance is complete and access to the systems has been re-established.

Services NOT affected by this maintenance:
• acQuire
• Expense Reimbursement System
• STUDENT Peoplesoft (Including SOLUS)
  • Publish Date: January 20, 2022 10:35
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  • IT Support Centre