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PeopleSoft Student Admin access off campus now requires use of FortiClient VPN Archived

To access PeopleSoft Student Admin from off campus, you must now be logged in to the FortiClient VPN. When accessing PeopleSoft Student Admin from the MyQueen'sU portal, you will be presented a message reminding you that the FortiClient VPN is required if you are off campus. If you are on campus or already connected to the Campus VPN, click on 'Proceed to App'.

Prior to your grade deadlines, ensure you can access PeopleSoft when you are logged in to the VPN. If you require assistance installing or accessing the VPN, contact the IT Support Centre during their hours of operation.

To install the Forticlient VPN software, check out the VPN Tutorial.

  • Publish Date: April 26, 2022 09:28
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  • IT Support Centre