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Password Expiry and Locked Accounts Update Archived
All NetID accounts disabled and locked without proper notice of password expiry have now been re-enabled. The password expiry dates will be adjusted on all accounts who have not changed their password but are aged and set to expire. The extension will allow time for proper password expiry notifications to be sent out to the account holder.

If you are still having issues accessing Queen's services, please contact the IT Support Centre.

Previous Description (July 19, 2023 12:03):

Due to password expiry warning notifications failing to be sent out by the Queen's Identity Platform, a number of Queen's NetID accounts were locked earlier this morning without user notification.

IT Services are in the process of re-enabling these, allowing you the opportunity to refresh the password within the next several days.

If your personal account has become locked and you require more immediate access, you will need to visit the Queen's Identity Platform website now at to complete a password reset.

If your generic or departmental account has become locked and you require immediate access, please contact the IT Help Desk to request a manual password update.

This notice will be updated as steps are completed to re-enable the locked accounts.