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SPSS Not Supported on Newest Release of MacOS - Sonoma Update Archived

IBM has now released a patch to address problems encountered when running SPSS on the Sonoma version of MacOS.

The patch and installation instructions have been posted in the Software Centre.

To access the Software Centre, you can visit and select Software Centre.

Previous Description (October 2, 2023 10:51):

A September 26th update to MacOS Sonoma does not support the current version of SPSS. At this time, no patches are available for SPSS from the vendor.
IBM's announcement can be found here:

It is recommended that Mac users hold off on applying the Sonoma update until all software installed on their devices are confirmed as supported by the software vendor. A quick google search of a product, Sonoma and support should return a vendor support page with requirements.

It is recommended that departments share this alert with all researchers and with all students who are enrolled in classes that use SPSS within their course.