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Update: PeopleSoft Student (SOLUS/SASELF) and Student Admin (CSPRD) upgrade is now complete. Archived
NOTE: Due to the upgrade, you will be required to clear your cache before you use PeopleSoft Student (SOLUS/SASELF) and Student Admin (CSPRD). Instructions on how to clear your cache can be found at the following URL.;sysparm_article=KB0012861&sys_kb_id=b9b5a924932cc210d3e77b3e1dba10a0

The following Services are once again AVAILABLE.
• PeopleSoft Student (SOLUS/SASELF)
• PeopleSoft Student Admin (CSPRD)
• HR PeopleSoft Contract Hire System
  • Publish Date: May 12, 2024 11:26
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  • IT Support Centre