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Removal of Phishing Message from Queen's Mailboxes - 01102020 Archived
On Friday, January 10th, a malicious email was sent to members of the Queen's community. In keeping with the Electronic Information Security Policy, this message is being removed from all mailboxes using an automated feature in Office 365.

Please delete the message manually from your mailbox if you have received a copy.

If you are not using an Office 365 mailbox or forward your mail outside of Office 365, ITS is not able to automatically remove the malicious message.

If you received this message, clicked the link and entered your credentials, please securely change your NetID password immediately.

If you have any questions please contact the IT Support Centre at x36666.

We have provided part of the removed message for your reference at the bottom of this email.

Date: January 10, 2020 at 12:49:21 PM EST
Subject: Sexual Assault that transpired between a staff and student during the holidays.

Dear colleagues

A very warm and collegial “welcome home”!I trust that you were able to enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation with your loved ones.

It has come to my notice that a student was sexually harassed by a staff of the university.

The attached video was sent to me and the staff has been identified.However,our work is not yet done, Sexual assault prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

I encourage you to be familiar with these resources and use them to prevent and address sexual assault or harassment in an appropriate manner. We have made tremendous strides in our prevention measures and response to sexual assault.