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Removal of Phishing Message from Queen's Mailboxes – 240527 Archived
On Friday, May 24th, a malicious email was sent to members of the Queen's community. In keeping with the Electronic Information Security Policy, this message is being removed from all mailboxes using an automated feature in Office 365.

Please delete the message manually from your mailbox if you have received a copy.

If you are not using an Office 365 mailbox or forward your mail outside of Office 365, ITS is not able to automatically remove the malicious message.

If you received this message and replied with your credentials, please securely change your NetID password immediately.

If you have any questions please contact the IT Support Centre at x36666.


SUBJECT: Student Grant

Dear Student,

Your 2024 Grant has been approved and your check is ready.

Take note this is a grant and you're not obligated to pay back. We believe this will help students in containing Educational fees and also personal bills.

The payment will come via Check for MOBILE DEPOSIT and this is because of theft and loss of paychecks in the mail delivery by Canada Post, UPS/Fedex etc.

The grant board will issue you a check of $4,700.00. However, your approved grant amount is $2,700.00 and $2,200.00 slated for you to carry out a humanitarian service for a disabled student whose details will be sent to you once the grant funds have been made available. This is a general outreach to support students and to also support other disabled/less priviledged individuals within the student Community.

Kindly reconfirm the below to begin immediate claims process.

Full Names:
Mobile Number:
Address ( Postal code included)
Specify name of Bank ( TD,RBC,BOM, CIBC SCOTIA ETC)
Personal email:

Important Note: You are to contact the claims officer [REDACTED] on [REDACTED] and also your email to him must come from your personal email account( Gmail, yahoo,hotmail,icloud etc) and not your Educational email. Failure to comply to this simple instruction means your eligibility for this grant will be disregarded. This grant is only open for 100 students and once we have received this much applicants we will retract/delete this notification from your mailbox

Contact Person: [REDACTED]
Contact Email: [REDACTED]

Only send application to the above email address

l await your prompt response.

Canada Student Grant