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Removal of Phishing Message from Queen's Mailboxes – 240610 Archived
On Monday, June 10, a malicious email was sent to members of the Queen's community. In keeping with the Electronic Information Security Policy, this message is being removed from all mailboxes using an automated feature in Office 365.

Please delete the message manually from your mailbox if you have received a copy.

If you are not using an Office 365 mailbox or forward your mail outside of Office 365, ITS is not able to automatically remove the malicious message.

If you received this message, opened the attachment, clicked the link and entered your credentials, please securely change your NetID password immediately.

If you have any questions please contact the IT Support Centre at x36666.


Subject: OFFER
Attachment: MEDIAL WORK.pdf
Attachment text:

Administrative Assistant

During this time that we are in, working from home would be great. Therefore, you have been offered a campus employment office Job Opportunity at the convenience of your home or school, which serves as a gateway to pay all expenses incurred on campus. This opportunity should be done at leisure taking at most 2 hr. /day,2-3 times a week and earn $450 Weekly. It is a Flexible Opportunity where you will determine your working time. All the tasks are work from home/on campus job, you do not need to travel, you do not need to have a car to get started. You can be in any location and work from your home/school... APPLY NOW for Job Details Note You must be 17 Yrs Above